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Sciatica, a nerve pain that runs down the back of the thigh and into the foot, is commonly blamed on bulging or herniated discs. Yet this is rarely the case. Usually the sciatic nerve (that runs from the spine to the pelvis, branches off above the knee, and continues to the foot) gets compressed by the piriformis muscle (a muscle connected to the sacrum and the femur). This compression causes that horrible pain, tingling, and numbness that so many people describe. Muscles in the gluteal region, like the piriformis, are powerful and strong. Thus for our poor sciatic nerve, when the piriformis muscle is taut, it’s like putting a kink in a hose. And, even if the sciatic nerve is compressed by a bulging or herniated disc where it exits the spine, the bulge or herniation was most likely caused by tight muscles in the first place.

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