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Arthritis! It is the dreaded, devastating diagnosis. It twists our stomachs! Over and over, again and again, this diagnosis is handed out by medical practitioners to young and old alike. And, yet, it’s been confirmed by several different studies that approximately 50% of the people who have arthritis don’t even know they have it! Tell me, how could this be? If half of the people with arthritis feel no pain, do you think we could infer that it’s not the arthritis causing the pain in the first place? Could it be possible that even though a doctor can physically see arthritis on someone’s X-ray (doctors sight bones that are no longer smooth but have jagged edges), that this is insubstantial and inconclusive evidence as the perpetuator of one’s pain? Could it be possible that arthritic changes are natural and not the source of a person’s discomfort?

Remember the conclusions from the numerous studies like at George Washington University (see the Home Page)? Many doctors repeatedly see X-rays that appear to show horrendous abnormalities, such as osteoarthritis and bone spurs. Yet, many of these people have absolutely no pain. Then there are the poor patients whose spines appear spotless on film but suffer with aches and pains every waking moment of the day. This is our clue folks. Right here! A picture isn’t necessarily worth a thousand words. And, perhaps a negative diagnosis isn’t worth much either! Maybe our problem isn’t the joints, vertebrae, discs, or even arthritis—but something else which doesn’t show up on an X-ray. Once again, perhaps the problem is not in the bones, joints, or the discs, but in the muscles themselves.

“If your back doctor relies heavily on X-rays, he may be looking right through your problem. Some top physicians today feel that the structural wear and tear of the spine that shows up in X-rays is normal and not necessarily the cause of your pain. In fact, some doctors say that even damage as obvious as a herniated disc doesn’t cause pain. These doctors feel that up to 90 percent of back pain may be caused by muscular problems. And since muscles don’t appear on X-rays, doctors who flash photos and point out “defects” are usually off target. X-rays do reveal breaks, cancer, tuberculosis and other severe ailments, but such problems account for only a small percentage of back pain. Once these diseases are ruled out, X-rays have little value.”
   - “Pain Free” from the editors of Prevention magazine  

* Please note: I’m referring to osteoarthritis. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc., please sign up for my newsletter.
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