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A few months ago, I gave a presentation to the faculty and students in the music department at Humboldt State University. It was heart-wrenching to see all these adolescents plagued with pain at such a young age. But…when you’re practicing for hours at end, using the same muscles in the same positions over and over again, you can easily succumb to repetitive strain/use injuries. Playing a musical instrument, sitting at a computer five days a week for eight hours a day, cleaning teeth, cutting hair, running five miles a day, etc., are all examples of activities that can lead to repetitive strain/use injuries.

Using muscles over and over again shortens them. The muscles then begin to pull on their tendinous attachments (the ends of the muscle that attach to bone) causing inflammation and pain. One of my clients had a friend, Mike, who had been suffering with horrific groin pain for two years. Mike had seen a myriad of doctors and other specialists who determined that there was nothing pathologically wrong. But, the physicians were baffled by Mike’s strange symptoms.

Mike was embarrassed by the location of his pain, but my client convinced him to at least talk with me. I asked Mike if he ever road horses, dirt bikes, or mountain bikes. These are all activities that use the adductor muscles. The adductor muscles are strong muscles on the inside of our thighs that attach to bones smack dab in the groin. Mike told me that he had done some dirt bike riding on weekends and used to ride his mountain bike a little bit. I asked Mike what a “little bit” was. Mike said…are you ready for this? 400 miles a week! I tried to hide my smirk and told Mike, “I think I know what your problem is.” Repetitive strain/use injuries arise from using muscles over and over again, without properly stretching them back out to their natural length. That is why it’s imperative to stretch our muscles after using them. Because with back pain, one needs to stretch their legs, too, please see: Back Pain Breakthrough for stretches for the leg muscles and/or for back pain. For stretches and information for carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, arm, hand, and/or neck pain, please see: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Breakthrough


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