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The Book: Back Pain Breakthrough
The Workbook: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Breakthrough 
Presentations and Workshops
Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough

In Back Pain Breakthrough, you will accompany me on my crusade to find an answer to back pain. I will share with you the information I received from the hundreds of physicians and other healthcare practitioners whom I personally interviewed and/or whose books I read. You will discover what most of these healthcare professionals are missing (why their theories don’t hold water), and why two muscular therapists, who you’ll read about in the book, offer money back guarantees not only for back pain, but for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, and many other ailments—without the use of drugs or surgery.

Most importantly, after reading Back Pain Breakthrough, you’ll comprehend why, chances are more likely than not, you don’t need me or any other therapist. Back pain can be so absolutely debilitating. Yet amazingly enough it’s simple, in most cases, to heal yourself. Within this book are the tools for vibrant health; the keys that are necessary to lead a glorious and pain free life.

 “A book whose time has come!” 
- Dr. Vince Guagliano (professional Sports Doctor)  

 “At last! A book that shows how to really cure back pain. This is the book you’ve been waiting for! 
- Stan Kaplan, Ph.D

Price: $15.95
Shipping: $2.50
Total: $18.45

The Workbook: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Breakthrough 

The Workbook: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Breakthrough  

In the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Breakthrough Workbook, you will discover what most healthcare professionals are missing. You will see why drugs and surgeries are not only potentially dangerous in themselves, but also why they are absolutely unnecessary in the eradication of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Come see for yourself the true cause of carpal tunnel syndrome and, more importantly, the amazingly simple solution!

This book is also great for tendinitis of the elbow, shoulder, and/or hand and is beneficial for neck pain and trigger fingers.

Price: $17.99
Shipping: $2.50
Total: $20.49



Therapy (1st session, includes consultation) : $150.00
Therapy (a session): $100.00

The goal is to bring muscles back to their natural resting length. By combining a very specialized form of stretching with a unique manner of massage, I’m able to accomplish just that. Most results occur very rapidly. Many people feel an incredible amount of relief, and sometimes complete recovery, after just one treatment.

Almost all recoveries occur within one to eight treatments. Yet depending on the condition of your muscles, healing time varies. I’ve seen numerous people diagnosed with a myriad of ailments, everything from bulging discs, to arthritis, to bone spurs, to spinal stenosis, and more. Yet once I release these people’s tight, contracted muscles, they become pain free and resume the lifestyles that they love. In almost every case, musculoskeletal conditions are easily resolved.

You do want to see a physician first to make sure your pain is not arising from a pathological source such as a kidney infection or a tumor. But if you get a clean bill of health from conditions like tumors and infections…it’s time to take a serious look at your muscles.

Chances are, more likely than not, that you don’t need me or any other therapist. The tools in the books and workbooks, alone, can cure most musculoskeletal conditions. Another option is to book me for a hands-on workshop where I can teach you, your fellow co-workers, friends, and/or some other group how to resolve most of these problems on your own.


Presentations and Workshops

Sue Crossen with zealous enthusiasm and extensive knowledge delivers an extraordinary presentation. Our students and faculty enjoyed Sue’s presentation so much last year, that we’re having her back to give a second workshop this year.
Dr. J. Brian Post, Professor of Composition and Theory, Department of Music, Humboldt State University

Healing Results lectures and workshops provide people with the tools that heal. As a former radio talk show host (The Healing Truth 990 W.A.L.E.) and a Toastmaster for over twelve years, I take great pride in delivering powerful and uplifting speeches and workshops that, in an entertaining and inspiring manner, educate my audiences.

By far one of my favorite activities is speaking to audiences. Watching people’s faces light up and their eyes shine with delight as they readily witness how it’s simply just taut muscles that are behind some of society’s most debilitating and chronic ailments, warms my heart. With audience participation (even bringing two audience members to the front of the room with me to demonstrate, in a comical manner, how the muscles work), not only do my audiences grasp how chronically taut muscles are the cause of many of our most incapacitating and unremitting ailments, but they also understand how simple the solution, in almost all cases, in fact truly is.

Formerly, as president of a Toastmaster Club and co-chair of a Toastmasters Speakers Bureau, I take great pride in delivering engaging speeches and workshops that educate my audiences in a compelling, enjoyable, and enriching manner.

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