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Nine tendons (the ends of muscles) come down the front side of the forearm and literally travel through a tunnel called the carpal tunnel (formed by the eight carpal bones of the wrist and a ligament that binds two of the bones). Also traveling through this tunnel is what’s called the median nerve. The tunnel has ample room for the nine tendons and the median nerve. But, when we use our hands a lot and don’t stretch them out properly, the muscles can get short and taut and begin pulling on their tendinous attachments. This causes swelling and inflammation and the poor median nerve gets compressed. Thus, we experience all kinds of strange and painful symptoms: burning, weakness, tingling, and more. But the answer doesn’t lie in drugs and/or surgery; the answer lies in stretching and massaging the forearm muscles.

For stretches and information for carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, arm, hand, and/or neck pain, please see: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Breakthrough


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