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Please first read, “The Real Cause…The Real Cure” on the Home page.

Bone spurs are calcium deposits that, typically, form where the tendon attaches to the bone. Please see diagram below.

Tendons are just the end of the muscles that attach to the bones.


If the muscle belly (the part of the muscle that contracts) is tight and constantly pulling on its tendons, that constant tension on the tendons causes swelling and inflammation. It would be like constantly pulling your hair. It would cause inflammation where the hair attaches to the scalp. It’s no different for the poor tendons where they attach to the bones. That is why bone spurs almost always occur at that exact spot. It’s the bodies naturally defense against this constant assault. The body lays down calcium at the attachment to try to fortify the area. It’s really very similar to a callous on the skin. I’ve never seen a case where bone spurs are the source of the pain. Once a person’s tendinitis is handled, his or her pain disappears.

Please see the books: Back Pain Breakthrough and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Breakthrough to learn how to eliminate tendinitis.

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