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I suffered with horrible back pain for over two years. After running the gamut of healthcare professionals, including neurosurgeons and physical therapists, I met Sue Crossen. During a one-hour treatment, Sue shared her therapy and concepts. I could run two days later without pain. I am beyond amazed!   
Paul Le Roux  

You have accomplished more in two treatments than what doctors could do in two years. Medication, intense physical therapy, and acupuncture did not ease the pain I had in my back, shoulder, and knee. I couldn’t even raise my arms above my shoulders. Now I not only raise my arms straight above and behind my head, but I wake up pain free in the mornings and move around through the day also noticing the pain is gone.
P.S. The chronic headaches that plagued me for those two years are also gone! 
Gina Sanchez

I have been in chronic pain for three years. I resigned myself to a life without all the activities I had enjoyed before my pain began. I had tried every treatment, short of surgery, to get well. I was so desperate, that after I read Sue’s back book, I traveled all the way from my home in Florida to see her for a week in Los Angeles. This was my last gasp attempt to get better. One week with Sue has been a miracle. I’m back to my old self, playing golf regularly again and staying out of pain.
Andrew Brody

After trying acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy to cure my lower back and hip pain, I finally got relief by using the muscle techniques taught by Sue Crossen. Thanks, Sue. It really is the muscles!
Cheryl Vanick

I am most thankful to you for relieving me of my back jabs. Haven't had one since. I thank you ever so much.
Janet Golonka

I've been plagued with osteoarthritis and vertebral misalignment in my back and neck for many years.
Her muscular therapy techniques have been able to help relieve my pain and help align the spine much more quickly with more lasting, positive results than any of the many chiropractors I've tried.
John Alex

I want to thank you for helping me overcome the lower back pain I have had for the past 35 years. You are truly a professional with great knowledge of the human anatomy. I would not hesitate recommending you to others who have back problems.
Mel Andrews

Quick note to thank you for your help with my “aching back.” I’ve had back pain for the better part of the last 10 years. I’ve been unable to get any relief from Orthopedists or masseuses until you came along. With your first treatment I felt immediate relief.

Thanks for your healing hands,
Keith Campbell

I had given up all hope. Doctors told me I had degenerative arthritis and a disc in my back was completely gone. I’d have to live with severe pain, my only relief being high dosages of vicodin. In one treatment with Sue Crossen, I went from crawling up the stairs in excruciating pain to running up, skipping two stairs at a time, with no pain at all. Her insight and skill are truly miracles!
Richard Rafield

“Sue, The words on this card can not even begin to capture how you’ve helped me. Thursday April 11, 2002 will always be a day of remembrance and celebration for me the rest of my life. On that day in just one hour of treatment that you gave me I was almost totally pain free! I prayed to God to work through your hands to bring a miracle to my life and He did! Thank you for your sincere willingness and desire to help me. I’m telling everyone I can think of. You know I was in so much pain I was taking high dosages of muscle relaxers, pain killers, etc., maybe just short of overdosing or poisoning myself and still I was in a great deal of pain. I’m looking forward to many more visits with you. In the last two days I’ve only taken 2 pills (two)! Today I took none and I almost feel no pain. I wish you much success with your therapy!”
Tamara T.

At 86 years old, I was in so much pain that I could hardly sleep anymore. I was informed by one of the top orthopedic centers in Los Angeles (a center well known for treating famous athletes) that I had spinal stenosis and there was nothing, besides drugs, that they could do for my pain. The doctor pretty much said to me, “You’re 86 years old; what do you want?”
 “I’ll tell you what I want,” I thought to myself, “I want to sleep, travel and enjoy the rest of my life and not be in some drugged out stupor!” I refused to give up. A few weeks later, my ophthalmologist mentioned that a lady named Sue Crossen had been a miracle for him and many of his patients. I didn’t hesitate and called her immediately. A few treatments later, I could hardly believe it…I was pain free.
 It’s been over a year, and I’m still pain free. I’ve traveled to China since, on a thirty day walking tour, and have been busy with several other activities. I continue to do the stretches in the back book and easily sleep through the night. It is a miracle.
Elizabeth A. Safarik


In July of 2004 I became afflicted with the most debilitating sore neck and shoulder. I was unable to turn my head in either direction due to the stiffness and pain. Having an appointment scheduled with my Ophthalmologist, he of course immediately noticed my physical problem and said he knew a young lady who is really remarkable in treating such ailments. He gave me the name Sue Crossen and her phone number. What a God send! She is able to work miracles. After two visits I was 100% cured and felt wonderful. She is very knowledgeable about the human anatomy and extremely gentle in applying her therapy. I would whole heartily recommend Sue Crossen and in my opinion she is the very best in her profession.
Shirley Rafield


In 2007, I met Sue Crossen. I had hired her to work on my teenage son who had complained of back pain for more than a year. It’s been a few months since that one treatment, and he has reported no pain. During his treatment, I mentioned my reason for not running any more. I told Sue that I was disappointed, but had accepted my physical limitation: if I didn’t run, I had no pain. Sue told me to follow the guidelines in her book Back Pain Breakthrough. Sue said that her book would teach me about a special two-second stretch and would instruct me on self-massage techniques. She suggested I massage the muscles in my leg, and said that most injuries are muscle related. I'm now running on the treadmill without pain and I’m thrilled with the results!
Linda England

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