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The Real Cause...The Real Cure



  • Did you know that there’s one primary cause for most body aches?
  • Did you know that there’s an incredibly simple solution, without drugs or surgeries, for most joint, tendon, and muscle pain?  

Arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, etc. Could a good number of physicians be missing the real cause of these conditions? The answer is a resounding: Yes!

After spending a year in bed with a back injury, and being left in agonizing and debilitating pain, I went on a crusade for an answer. Through the painstaking process of interviewing, what felt like, countless numbers of healthcare professionals and reading close to 200 books and articles on the back and health in general, the pieces of the puzzle began to fit.

A major clue came from the numerous research studies I examined that illustrated that there was basically no correlation between spinal abnormalities and pain. For instance, at George WA University 67 people, who never had back pain, were given MRI’s of their spines. Nearly half of these people had a bulging disc, several had herniated discs, many had arthritis, etc. Yet, these people were pain free. These studies have been done all over the world, and almost all have similar findings.

Before that year in bed, I had suffered, on and off, with back pain for over twenty years and had even received a diagnosis of osteoarthritis at the age of 23. Yet, now, from the vast amounts of research I had done, I knew there had to be another reason—another cause of my pain.

One day it hit me; I had an epiphany. I realized that, in virtually every case, all musculoskeletal conditions (carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, hammertoes, arthritis, etc.) are simply caused by incessantly contracted muscle tissue.

Hard to believe? Keep in mind this fact: Our bodies are almost 70% muscle. And before spending that year in bed, I was continuously told by a physical therapist, who specialized in backs, that my back problem was caused by weak muscles. Yet, I had been a gymnast for numerous years: one of the most physically demanding and strength requiring sports. I had muscle on muscle.

Think about some things:
1. Who gets carpal tunnel syndrome?
2. Who gets shin splints?
3. Who gets golfer's elbow?
4. Who gets tennis elbow?

Virtually all of those who suffer with musculoskeletal problems have a history of actively using the part of the body that is causing the pain!

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What goes wrong:

1. Muscle bellies (the part of the muscle that contracts) tighten due to injury, repetitive use, and even from
emotional stress. 



2. Tight muscle bellies pull on their tendinous attachments causing inflammation, restriction, and pain.
  • It is imperative to understand that muscles can remain chronically and habitually contracted long after the stressor is gone.

3. Chronically contracted muscle bellies continue to pull on their tendinous attachments causing not only  inflammation and restriction of mobility, but calcium build-up (also known as bone spurs), scar tissue, adhesions, and degenerative changes to cartilage and bone itself.

Because blood vessels are constricted and nerves are compressed in shortened, tight muscles, strange and severe symptoms can occur. These symptoms include tingling, burning, numbness, and more. Eventually, the syndromes mentioned previously (arthritis, back pain, etc.) begin to occur. But the problem doesn’t lie within the tendons, the ligaments, the nerves, the discs, or the bones. The problem lies within the muscle.


“Muscle tension is the primarycause of chronic pain.”
-  Norman J. Marcus M.D.

The solution 

The solution is uncomplicated. We merely need to lengthen and loosen the short and tight muscle fibers. This is accomplished through a very unique and special stretching technique along with self-massage procedures to mend the areas with adhesions and scar tissue. The combination of these actions constitutes a powerful, healing breakthrough.

These powerful healing techniques are taught in my books. After what felt like countless years of suffering with my own back pain, I’m on a crusade to help people, like you, live a life that is free from unremitting pain.

What I have read is finally putting the missing pieces in my puzzle.  I couldn't believe what I was reading, you were answering all the questions I've asked myself for 20 YEARS - How can I ever thank you enough for taking the time to share your story, so others can be free of pain!
- P. J. Sanders

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These powerful healing techniques are taught in my books, presentations, and workshops. Individual therapy is also available.

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